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Eagle Eyes on the Environment - A behind the scenes look into Raptor Rehabilitation

Bald_Eagle_Head_2_6021915997.jpgDisney Flight Barn Cam #1


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Thank you for viewing the Eagle Eyes on the Environment project! Eagle Eyes is a behind the scenes look into raptor rehabilitation at Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. The Center's Magic of Flight is a 100' x 25' enclosure that is 20' tall. The Flight barn is the last step toward release back into the wild.

Eagle season is in full swing in Florida.  Our state hosts one of the largest populations of nesting Bald Eagles in the United States. The nesting season in Florida runs from October through May. At this time, Florida residents may see eagles reconnecting with their mates, refurbishing their nests, and getting ready to lay eggs and raise their chicks. Bald eagles are extremely territorial and will fight with other eagles to the point of serious injury. During this busy season, they are also more prone to injuries caused by vehicle strikes and electrical lines.

As you view the Center’s Magic of Flight barn there are two eagles currently under rehabilitation.  The flight barn provides a safe outdoor enclosure to practice flight and gain strength and stamina to prepare for life back in the wild.  Bald Eagle No. 704-16 was injured due to a vehicle strike the week of October 18.  He was rescued by a state trooper off of Florida’s turnpike.  The second eagle, a large female, was admitted due to injuries caused by a territory fight.  She is recovering from massive eye trauma. Both need time to gain strength and stamina.

Both eagles will be evaluated during the recovery progress. Our Raptor Care staff performs evaluations in person and also remotely through the live video feed.  Staff is able to slow down video footage to clearly identify any issues or concerns. 

For more information on eagles and Audubon’s EagleWatch program visit or email  We look forward to hearing from you and please visit the site again soon.