Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
Eagle Eyes on the Environment - A behind the scenes look into Raptor Rehabilitation

Bald_Eagle_Head_2_6021915997.jpgDisney Flight Barn Cam #2


Thank you for viewing the Eagle Eyes on the Environment project! Eagle Eyes is a behind the scenes look into rehabilitation at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. The Center's Magic of Flight is a 100' x 25' enclosure that is 20' tall. The Flight barn is the last step toward release back into the wild.

As you will notice there are currently 6 eagles in the barn.  Look closely, four of these birds are young eagles, not yet mature with the white head and tail, two are adults (mature birds) . During this time of year, many young eagles are brought to the Center, and those that were too young to fly when they came in must learn before being released.

When the flight barn gets crowded, things can get dangerous. Bird-on-bird collisions and collisions with walls become a threat to the continued recovery of our patients. For this reason, some of the birds you may see in the flight barn have been grounded until there is enough room in the flight barn to give them their chance to recover their flight strength.

Time for rehabilitation varies depending on the injury. Birds can spend anywhere from just a few days to several months in the flight barn. This time is critical to their recovery, giving them the strength to return to the wild. If you have viewed the cameras and don’t see too much activity, birds spend a majority of the day “perching” since they are not in the wild searching for food. 

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